One platform for your entire team.

All our features work together so you can focus on what matters most.

Never have a bad day of data again

We built a specific set of reports to search for and identify problems in your data.

  • Appature finds common compliance data issues to help correct your reporting errors to the State.
  • We’ll give you suggestions for improving the configuration of your systems to make the data more useful.
  • Once corrected, the new data will automatically update your existing reports.

Grow with certainty

Headaches disappear with our time and cost-saving reports.

  • Performance patterns matter. Appature automatically tracks and helps you make the right decisions.
  • Quickly spot underperforming rooms or strains. We’ll show you the results side-by-side and point you in the right direction to fix problems.
  • Get harvest reports, yield performance, destruction data, and more without any additional data collection.

Forecast with all your data

Use the data you already have to predict the future.

  • Use current and historical data from METRC and Leaflink to forecast product availability and estimate the value of your work in progress.
  • With data analyzed for you, decision-making about yield forecasting is simplified.
  • Strategically plan for limited releases across the retail and marketing side.

Ready to take your data analysis to the next level? We can create a custom solution to fit your needs:

  • Integration with other platforms and systems
  • Importing unique data that is manually collected
  • Providing direct database access to your data for use with tools like Tableau or PowerBI

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help.

Inventory at your fingertips

See an impact from Day 1 when viewing inventory across your products’ lifestyles.

  • Instant inventory reports for plants, product in stock, and in retail locations.
  • Use your sales data to value bulk product on-hand, plants in-progress, and product on shelves.
  • Inventory reports are continuously updated without you doing any extra work.

Create and share your unique view of your world

Appature allows you to create custom views of your reports and share them across the company.

  • Use filters to see only the data you want. Create boards for specific facilities or rooms.
  • Build custom boards with exactly the reports each member of your team needs.
  • Find insights worth sharing? Send a report or board to your team, or export to PDF and use in your next meeting.
  • Still want to massage the data in Excel? Export from Appature and use your data anywhere.

Put an end to instantly outdated spreadsheets.

Learn how to strategically steer your business with Appature. Start out with a free trial or if you’re not ready, we’ll keep you up-to-date on platform updates and integrations.