Learn how the compliance landscape is changing and what operators can do to minimize their risk and exposure during audits of METRC data.

The longer you operate, the more outdated or incorrect compliance data you could have lingering in METRC. Staff turnover, inexperience, and data entry errors all result in inaccurate data that could be surfaced during an audit.

States are not only getting more aggressive, but more sophisticated in their approaches to audits. Given the complexity and sheer volume of data you’re required to report to the State, mistakes are bound to happen.

Don’t leave this to chance. Learn how our customers are tackling these issues head on to fix past mistakes and prevent them in the future.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Understanding the trends in enforcement actions against cannabis operators.
  • Common mistakes and errors operators make in managing METRC data.
  • Best practices for keeping bad data out of METRC.

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