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The Appature software platform leverages your existing data to take the guesswork out of running your cannabis business.

Appature helps you make data-driven decisions for the entire team

Appature uses the data you already have in your retail, wholesale, and regulatory systems, and combines it to uncover hidden value and insights. Get the complete picture of the health and compliance of the business, review what has happened in the past, and predict what will happen in the future. Appature provides a convenient, compliant, and automated single source of truth for your entire operation.

Cannabis Inventory with Negative Quantity

Take Control of Inventory

Track consolidated inventory across all licenses and locations from production, warehouse, and retail.

  • Forecast stockout dates to ensure production matches customer demand 
  • Identify products aging past their optimal age – find and sell product before it expires 
  • Locate stagnant product to ensure the oldest products are being shipped first 
  • Forecast bulk product production based on current plants and historical yields and lifecycles

Optimize Revenue

Monitor sales trends, product mix, and turnover rates to produce more products that fly off the shelves and fewer products that sit in inventory.

  • Track fulfillment times and stock-out to maximize inventory turnover 
  • Keep customers engaged with reports identifying order frequency and last order dates 
  • Spot retail trends based on customer demographics and locations to optimize promotions and restock
cannabis sales by month chart

Elevate Strain Analysis

Hone your genetics and strain mix with detailed analysis of strain performance to understand which strains deliver results.

    • Know your heartiest strains by analyzing test failure and plant destruction rates across strains and rooms 
    • Understand which rooms produce the best results and optimize for the highest yields 
    • Forecast yields and dates based on historical data to ensure product pipelines stay full
    • Enable data-driven pheno-hunting across an unlimited number of plants and strains

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Appature Joins 1871’s Cannabis Innovation Lab 2023

Appature Joins 1871’s Cannabis Innovation Lab 2023

Appature, a premier provider of cannabis operator data analytics solutions, is proud to announce its participation in the first-ever Cannabis Innovation Lab 2023 hosted by 1871. This strategic program, anchored by Grown In and partnered with Cresco Labs, brings together startups, growth scalers, corporates, investors, and operators in the cannabis industry to tackle the industry’s most pressing problems through collaboration and innovation.

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